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    Hola. Básicamente soy alguien que me dedico a pintar y dar clases de pintura en mi taller y virtualmente a través de facebook,(si te interesa puedes contactarme por allí). El texto lo he puesto en inglés por una amiga muy querida que se encargó de hacerme esta traducción y le tengo mucho cariño. Está algo desfasada porque desde que la escribimos ha estado cambiando mi manera de ver el arte y la vida en general. Quiero dar las gracias también a todos los que habeis dejado opinión sobre...


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    Hola. Básicamente soy alguien que me dedico a pintar y dar clases de pintura en mi taller y virtualmente a través de facebook,(si te interesa puedes contactarme por allí). El texto lo he puesto en inglés por una amiga muy querida que se encargó de hacerme esta traducción y le tengo mucho cariño. Está algo desfasada porque desde que la escribimos ha estado cambiando mi manera de ver el arte y la vida en general. Quiero dar las gracias también a todos los que habeis dejado opinión sobre mi obra, me ha hecho mucha ilusión que os gustara!!!. No se en realidad si son buenas o malas piezas, pero están hechas con mucho entusiasmo y estudio intentando que fueran desde algún punto de vista interesantes para mi.  




    My artistic manifesto is not an avant-garde concept, although I don\'t entirely reject this kind of proposal. I believe that a much more conceptual work must exist, but I am still in love with the simple and everyday world, with the figure of the painter and his easel with all his clichés, perhaps a bit old-fashioned, but is still relevant in my reality. For me, it is important that my work communicates to the greatest number of people the sensations that I like, and that it is sold for this reason; I hope that the artistic language I use is understood by most people around me. I think that I can say many important things with the artistic resources I use.Personally, I use art to express the sensations from life that I find pleasing, or those that I find interesting to the extent that they are trascendent. I would live again for many reasons (indeed, so that I could transcend them): to see the river in the evening, to make another film, to take another picture, to see my family, to go to the cinema, to see the colours of the sky, for the news, to give a class, for a good chat, to work on a picture, to love and be loved in return, for a good book, for a good dinner in a good restaurant etc., and for many other more unpleasant sensations which have a latent turbulence wherein






     difficult things can be guessed at, and these are equally are important to me.

    I live half in love with my environment and all that surrounds me and with

     my job (more so in those moments when things are going better), I describe this

     sensations as a kind of bohemianism, sometimes calm, sometimes impassioned.

    I finish and sign a picture when it gives me a sensation that I consider


     important, whether for its beauty or for its strangeness.I see Murcia as a city of yellow lights and I feel this city as I suppose the first bohemians felt it. The figure of the artist, the gallery owner, the muse and the art critic, the collector and the journalist all exist, because I have lived them all. I am astonished by what remains of the agricultural lands, the light, the university building, the bookshops, the Malecón, the \"bando\", the Rex (cinema), the \"Zig-Zag\", the multiplexes and all that impressive look of electric energy when going down the motorway along the mountain pass by the castle and so on, so torth.

    I am an artist because I can remember painting {making art} since I was


     5. I earn my living teaching in my art studio and selling pictures. I aspire to leave pictures which help people to fall in love with life for its beauty, strangeness or general interest. I think that a good artist is as important to society as an artesan furniture-maker, or a good cook, when they refine their work to the point where it becomes a passion, I suppose that the same happens in all professions, that a refined sensitivity becomes a pleasure from which transcendent sensations emanate that make life worthwhile. I want my pictures

    be worthy, like a good wine, a good perfume or a good film, and I try to

    sell every picture when I feel that I would personally want to buy it out of its interest to me. To this extent I feel honest with my job.I love computing, and I write computer programs in Basic with Darkbasic and Div, I like popular cinema, silent film, the music of Philip Glass, Wim Mertens, Nyman, John Cage and Mozart (the first three in that order). I love documentaries on astronomy, my favourite series was \"Cosmos\". I am fan of Doom, Tomb Raider, Creatures 1,2 and 3, and the artificial life simulators, a good few with which I am familiar can be found for free on the Internet. I am interested in three-dimensional world simulations, and I think that we are living through a revolution in terms of Information Technology expression. There are television programmes that I consider to be real works of art (the latest American McGee?s Alice, for example) and I think we are not taking full advantage of the expressive possibilities of this medium.In my opinion, nobody is disgraceful or not worthwhile. I feel that if I had infinite time, I would like to get to know everybody.I consider people to be a luxury, and often everybody seems to me quite glamorous. The way things work fascinates me, how friendship works, and 

    how sometimes love exists and sometimes it does not; I think that if we

     don?t lose our heads and spoil things, we could reach agreements to improve as a species. I aspire to learn how to help other people, and I will spend my life trying to learn how to live and let live.


    I have faith in the existence of art, because I know that expression is



     important to quality of life (people pay millions for a flat with sea views, or for a good suit, and I am sure that it is possible to acutely appreciate the difference). I believe that we leave an imprint on all man-made object and that this forms a legible human code {A bed carefully shaped, with well chosen wood, which is treated well, prepared for relaxation, will make this relaxation much more worthwhile}. If these efforts reach an impassioned level {a transcendent level} and the

    object has been refined in its treatment, we will feel this expression and

     it  becomes an objet d\'art. It occurs to me now that every action is etched into material in a precise way.


    One of the strangest things I have found lately is the curious



     similarity between some of the principles of quantum physics and theories of perception applied to art.Sometimes, in works of art, you find just by chance previously unknown sensations, and you learn something new. In fact, one of the reasons why I

     like art so much is to discover new sensations.I have mainly been taught art by masters, friends, teachers, conversations, books, films, by viewing a lot of works of art and paintings, and by daubing on many canvases. I am fully committed to the process of learning, constantly evolving and seeing possibilities. I know that if I can, I will dedicate my entire life to learning this trade and this vocation.







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